Theme 2020

Marketing & Communication | Transformation & technology | Sustainability

Who is the traveller of the future and how are we going to meet the needs of this new generation?

The future of travel starts with the changing traveller and the desired customer experience. Digital and seamless travel, with a focus on the human touch, are developments that are essential elements of the customer journey. All organisations in the travel industry try to influence every step of the journey. Where do you start and how do you create the ultimate customer journey and ultimately customer experience?

Data is power and part of your strategy! To get the most out of big data and to be able to respond to your target group, Marketing Automation is the next step. How do you prioritise the next steps and choices within your organisation? How can we reach the traveller of the future, using developments such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Voice Search?

The increasingly diverse travelling behaviour of consumers is forcing the travel industry to adopt new business models. Sustainability plays an important role in this process, and will therefore become a more and more integral part of it. Both consciously and unconsciously, it will have to be experienced as an added value by travellers and organisations. How do you deal with this development as a company, and what are the critical success factors to improve awareness?

To respond effectively to these developments, it is important to clarify who you should work with in order to achieve specific goals. Should we also look at more cooperation with the government in order to achieve social goals?

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