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The Travel Congress is the independent knowledge event for the professional travel industry, focusing on exchanging and gathering knowledge, inspiration and networking.

The Travel Congress is organised by Jaarbeurs, and is a joint initiative of Vakantiebeurs and ANVR Travel Tomorrow. The theme and programme have been developed in collaboration and consultation with our Expert Group.


Bart Meijer

Brandmanager Vakantiebeurs, Jaarbeurs

“What makes The Travel Congress unique and attractive is that we, as knowledge and inspiration partner for the travel industry, offer a balanced mix of in-depth and networking opportunities for a broad group of travel professionals, whatever their discipline or management position.”

Gerben Hardeman

Travel Tomorrow: Technology, Customer Experience, Sustainability, ANVR

“The Travel Congress 2020 is the starting point of your journey towards making your business future-proof. With the knowledge, inspiration & networks gathered here, you are ready to anticipate the wishes of tomorrow’s consumer!”

Isabel Mosk

Strateeg in de wereld van toerisme & destinatiemarketing, Sherpa’s Stories

“The Travel Congress is the ultimate travel congress in the Netherlands, attended by parties from all over the travel industry, who come here to discuss the present and the future of travel.”

Jasper Mutsaerts

Founder, Bohemian Birds Group

“The Travel Congress offers inspiration, practical tips and an eclectic network for entrepreneurs and ambitious professionals in the travel industry.”

Lobke Elbers

Industry Specialist digitalization and technology in travel, tourism & hospitality

‘’Travel Congress is the one stop update and travel conference at the start of the year to discuss the influence of society, technology and behavior on the future of travel. The changing traveler is where it all starts.’’

Melvin Mak

Manager of Sustainability, TUI Benelux

“If you work in the travel industry, you will undoubtedly have a passion for travel. A passion that I hope you will turn into action, increasing the positive impact of travel and reducing the negative impact. To enable us, together, to continue to offer the ultimate customer experience. Now and in the future.”

Michel Groenenstijn

Co-founder, Travel impact lab, Studio XD

“Nu de Experience Economy haar hoogtepunt bereikt, wordt de volgende ontwikkeling zichtbaar: de Transformational Economy, waarin experiences gericht zijn op leren, verbinden en ontwikkelen, als individu en als samenleving. Mijn werk richt zich op onderdeel zijn van en bijdragen aan deze ontwikkeling.”

Maaike van der Windt

Directeur / Head of Aviation Marketing, Cargo and Customer Experience, Amsterdam Schiphol

“The Travel Congress is an interesting event for me, as it allows me to brainstorm with colleagues from the industry on how we can offer travellers the best and most sustainable travel experience in the future.”

Maureen van Houten

Contentmanager, Jaarbeurs

“Added value for now and in the future, that is my goal as far as the content for the Travel Congress is concerned. Inspiration, wonderment, lessons and practical tools that you can apply tomorrow within your own field of work.”

Roy Platje

Online Marketing, specialist in reis en recreatiebranche, Red Online

“This ‘warm-up’ for the Vakantiebeurs is unmissable for any entrepreneur who is interested in growing his business in the changing online world.”