Anna van Nunen

Break-out session round 4
14.45 – 15.15 The perfect testing grounds for innovation: festivals (ENG)

Innofest sees festivals as the ideal testing ground for innovation. A festival is an environment with the same challenges we face in society, but on a smaller scale. Festivals also have similar infrastructure, with respect to water, power and waste. And festivals have thousands of end users of innovation: their visitors. Altogether, this is a unique environment for startups to thoroughly test their concepts at a small, city-like replica.

Innofest has worked with over 140 entrepreneurs that testing their innovation on a festival. Research done by the University of Groningen shows that, for several reasons, innovation testing with the Innofest method contributes to the successful launch of a product.

During this talk you’ll learn more about Innofests’ innovation methods, failures and successes and how to implement this the travel and leisure sector.

Anna van Nunen

Founder and Director of Innofest

As founder of Innofest, Anna van Nunen is passionate about bringing together innovation, sustainability and the world of festivals. Innofest uses festivals as testing grounds for innovation pilots and offers entrepreneurs a safe, measurable and enclosed environment to test their prototypes. There are countless innovative trends: from block chain ticketing and circular economy to smart grid solutions. Anna makes these trends concrete and puts them into practice in perhaps the fastest-growing sector in the Netherlands: festivals.

In November 2017 Innofest won the European Enterprise Promotion Award for the best initiative for entrepreneurs in Europe in 2017. In this way, Innofest is truly international: wherever there are festivals and innovations, Innofest has a chance of succeeding. Anna was part of the ‘Young Sustainable 100’ in 2017 and 2018 and FD’s ‘entrepreneurial talent’. Anna studied social psychology in Utrecht and previously worked as a consultant in the field of social entrepreneurship, start-ups and sustainability.